Sunday, December 31, 2017

So Long 2017

On this last day of 2017, I cannot help but look back on this extraordinary year.

This was really a year of changes and transitions.

My mourning was in a different stage. Less sad and more about the good memories.

I sold the rest of the books, the cds and most of the dvds . That is a great weight lifted of  my chest.

And with all those things gone we can start really occupying the space and decorating how we want.

Speaking of which....

 My Dad never decorated outside for Xmas....But I do!
So I got some turquoise wreaths and garlands from the Dollar store and
some battery operated looks really awesome at night!

 My Xmas table with Charcoal Snowflake Pyrex and canned cranberry sauce.
That tablecloth was real cute but of cheap quality.....
it is fading on some spots....
a little bit of last minute decor! I was too tired and stressed out for elaborate
decorations so I pulled that one of in less than 15 minutes.
the wooden Xmas tree was handmade by Dan as a gift for my Dad in 2015.
Dad loved it! He kept it out all year round.

I just took pictures of the tree which means that I will be able to post them tomorrow
(I hope) 

Dan being in a wheelchair meant that I was the nurse, maid, cook, butler you name it I was it and I still am but now with Xmas behind us I feel more at ease about being caregiver.

We have 4 cats: one is diabetic and has chronic diarrhea. She needs her insulin and a pill every morning to control the output.
one behavioral issued and needs an antidepressant and has stomach issues so he needs cortisone.
One is not sick but seems to spread some type of cat flu to Bandito (antidepressant) and Meghan...
so since October they need 3 applications of eye drops a day plus some lysine to boost their immune systems.

That makes for super busy mornings!

And I work full time! Bless my employer that allows me to work from home a couple of times a week. Then I can keep an eye of Dan....that fell from the chair and now has bursitis.

The company I work for moved from a dusty dingy building to brand new digs downtown
Montreal1 It is heaven! It is connected to the underground city so when the temperature dips I can go walk, or shop, or lunch in 5 different malls.

 New building, all shiny

  I got Peanuts Xmas shoes!
Thank you Santa!

I would really like to post tomorrow...
Fingers crossed!

Happy New Year!

Don't celebrate too much!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas to all my readers!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe day!

Things were quiet here....but that is very nice

I having been blogging a lot because...i spend way too much time on Facebook, I have issues with the photo transfer from my phone to my laptop and Dan my BH missed the last step of our stairs on November 30th and has been in a wheelchair since.....

 This is a view of the front of the building my office moved to.

These are the trees in the lobby

 The tree in the you can see everything is brand new and modern

 This is the tree in the kitchen on the floor I work

On December 11th I volunteered along 
with co-workers at Sun Youth a local food bank and charity.
our task was to decorate the room where the families were going to pick up gifts for their kids.

this really cracked me of the volunteers thought this was an ornament,
but in fact it was a pack of ornaments ! so funny!

On the homefront December was one of the most stressful time I have ever experienced in my life.
The wheelchair, the fact that there cannot be any kind of pressure on the foot, so no walking, no standing , just wheelchair all the time. Dan gets depressed, wants to help (because I do everything in the house and it is Christmas, so extra work)...Dan falls from the chair and now we think there might be a collar bone issue, or muscle shenanigan...we will call a health hotline tomorrow and go from there....

let's just say that I didn't do anything today....i just was...and I ate, watched tv and made sure Dan 
was all taken care of.

I am so thankful for the good care we received and that my employer
is really on board with working from home...

Merry Xmas my friends, enjoy your family time and the season!